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Based off the video game Fragile Dreams, this mulit-fandom roleplay group takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. The ugliness of the human nature having made this devastation rightful, faith for the future of the species needs to be restored to prove that we’re capable of realizing what’s truly important. Doing so means emphasizing with others by relying on them to aid you in making a home in this debris-ridden world. With lingering regrets lurking about and differences needing to be overcome, whether or not this is actually worth the effort is for you to decide.
is not enough at night

Hello! We have an unfortunate announcement to make regarding Melior-ism. The three most active mods at the moment (#1, #2 and #3) have been too busy to even roleplay, let alone work on the many things that we’ve planned for Melior. Because of this, I’d like to apologize that we will be closing down Melior at this moment, and we will most likely pick it back up during Summer. We have too many responsibilities at the time to handle our own roleplay.

However, we would like to direct you to some roleplays that we know of that are active at this moment so that you may find somewhere to continue playing your muses at.

We apologize again for this inconvenience!

- The Mods

The following reserves have been removed from the list.

Name: Houtarou Oreki Series: Hyouka Date: 12.12 Personal: this one!! thank you darlings!! ` v ` )c

Houtarou has been reserved for you!! And no, thank you.

— Mod 03

Ririchiyo has arrived~ Application is under "Profile + Threads" on the left side and hover over the boxes for information!

Welcome to Nihon Minka-en, Ririchiyo!

Since there’s not much of an actual difference, you’ll be keeping all your strength. It should come in handy while swinging around your butterfly net. Like everyone else, you’ve also been given a flashlight.

Be sure to do your best!

- Mod 01

Akira Takizawa here, revved and ready to save this country all over again! Application is in the sidebar!

Welcome to Nihon Minka-en, Akira Takizawa!

Your weapon will be a Slingshot! Unfortunately there are no available movies here so your knowledge is useless. Please enjoy you stay and don’t forget your flashlight! 

— Mod 5

Scoots in here again. Okay!! I'm gonna drop my reserve on Seto from Fragile Dreams and instead put a reserve on Shion from No. 6. The date is 12/11 and my personal is cartwrightsitri. Thank you!!!

Consider it done, cutie ~*

— Mod 03

hello!! i would like to reserve daryl dixon from the walking dead! my personal is thecondecse and today's date is 12/11/13 thank u

Oh no he’s my favourite I’m excited— He’s been reserved for you!! ~

— Mod 03

dropping karuta roromiya's [inu x boku ss] reserve for now!! i don't think i have the time to reread the series yet and i wouldn't want to keep her from anybody so u vu

Of course ~. Dropped the reserve!

- Mod 02

hello~ (female) morgan is here; app can be found on the sidebar labeled faded pages!

Welcome to Nihon Minka-en, Morgan!

You’ll be given a Stick. Please be gentle with it! You’ll also be able to use your Ignis two times a day. Accompanying you will be a flashlight.

I hope you do well!

- Mod 02

app for hope is located to the right !

Welcome to Nihon Minka-en, Hope!

That handy, dandy boomerang of yours has been switch out for a slingshot and an ordinary flashlight. My condolences, Rambo. Toughing it out is what you do best though, isn’t it? I would hope so because that portable fortress of yours is able to draw the attention of nearby thought entities three times a day with Lofty Challenge.

Be sure to do you best!

- Mod 01

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